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Dev3 Menu is a lightweight, flexible, responsive and modern menu developed using HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 5 and jQuery.

  • Created: 20 September, 2022
  • Last Update: 14 October, 2022

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Follow the steps below to setup your site menu:

  1. Unzip the downloaded package and open the /Dev3Menu folder to find all the menu files. You will need to upload these files to your hosting web server using FTP or localhost in order to use it on your website.
  2. Below is the folder structure and needs to be uploaded to your website or localhost root directory:
    • assets - Contains all of the assets referenced
      • css - Stylesheet files folder
        • icons - Stylesheet icon files
      • images - Image files folder
      • js - Javacript files folder
    • lib - Contains all of the lib referenced
      • css - Stylesheet files folder
      • vendor - Resource files folder
        • bootstrap - Stylesheet files
        • bootstrap-icons - Icon files
        • fontawesome - Icon files
        • jquery - Javacript color files
    • Dev3Menu/Readme.txt - Information file
    • Dev3Menu/simple.html - Simple menu
    • Dev3Menu/index.html - Default menu
  3. You should upload all or specific HTML codes as per your need.
  4. You are good to go for adding your content now!

Color Schemes

You can change your Website's Menu Color Scheme in an instant. We have build 10 Color css file for change menu primary color.

  • color-black.css - Black Color
  • color-darkblue.css - Dark Blue Color
  • color-blue.css - Blue Color
  • color-pink.css - Pink Color
  • color-orange.css - Orange Color
  • color-purple.css - Purple Color
  • color-red.css - Red Color
  • color-burgundy.css - Burgundy Color
  • color-green.css - Green Color
  • color-grey.css - Grey Color

Simply add Color CSS file link it in the Document <head>.
Make sure you add the css/color-darkblue.css stylesheet in your head after the css/dev3-main.css file linking from above mentioned 10 color css file.

Finally, you need to add the color you want to use to the body tag. Example: class="dev3-darkblue"


Menu usage with documentation and examples.

Dev3 Menu is a lightweight, flexible, responsive and modern menu developed using HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 5 and jQuery.

There are 10 different color options and color selection is very simple, you can easily change the color by adding a simple class to the body tag.

There are 5 different drop-down menus and one pop-up card button in Dev3 Menu, we can list them as follows, Shop Menu, Full Menu, Mega Menu, Mini Menu, Dropdown and pop-up card section.

You can add search bar to Dev3 Menu and make it work on mobile.

Shop Menu

You can list 4 different pictures in this menu, 4 titles under these pictures, and as many links as you want under the titles.

Full Menu

You can add 4 titles and as many links below as you want to this menu, and you can add 2 images to the bottom.

Mega Menu

You can add 4 sequential links to this menu, if you want as many titles as you want, side by side, and you can add a picture to the far right.

Dropdown Menu

You can add 3 drop-down menus to the dropdown menu, and position them to open to the right or left.

Finally, the pop-up card area is designed as modern and useful, when more than 3 items are added, the slider bar appears so that the pop-up card does not take too long, you can disable this feature if you wish, and this pop-up card feature works smoothly in the mobile interface.

Detailed Documents

For all the details regarding the use of the menu, please refer to the documents inside the product you purchased.

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Version 1.1 (14 October, 2022)

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Version 1.0 (20 September, 2022)

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